Over the past two decades, there have been many advances in minimally invasive surgery in the areas of site access, tissue excision, and visualization of the surgical site. However, there has been little innovation in the final step of the procedure – removing a large specimen through a small hole.

Designed to keep incisions small throughout the procedure and provideĀ fast, fully contained specimen segmentation and removal, The Eximis Lap Specimen Removal Platform fills a critical gap in minimally invasive surgery.

The platform:

  • Seamlessly integrates into physician protocols and eliminates the need for time consuming removal techniques, simplifying the clinical workflow and easing both physical and budgetary constraints on surgeons.
  • Automates segmentation and delivers a precise and consistent performance for every procedure.
  • Incorporates safeguards, including two engineered bags that reduce the likelihood of spillage.

This next generation solution opens the door to further gynecological uses and beyond.

"Bridging the gap in minimally invasive surgery protocols by leveraging the benefits of an improved specimen removal process are essential to women's health. When we know we can do better, we should. This platform gives surgeons an alternative, beyond the dated solutions of the past."