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Eximis Surgical

"I think there is a tremendous potential for this device in minimally invasive intra-abdominal surgery."
         - Gynecologic Oncologist

Eximis Surgical provides patients with the option of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) through the development of a fast, easy and safe solution for minimally invasive specimen removal.

Driven in large part by surgical robotics, more and more patients have been able to have MIS over the last decade. However even with the ability to perform surgery through pencil-sized incisions, many patients have incisions extend up to 7cm in size at the end of procedures during specimen removal. Eximis Surgical is addressing this surgical need that will allow 2M patients to experience less pain, less time in the hospital, and return to normal activities sooner. Development of our fully contained device will provide patients a safe, minimally invasive specimen removal option that allows incisions to stay small from the start of procedures to the finish.