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Eximis Surgical Secures $8.7 Million in Financing

LOUISVILLE, COLO. (April 24, 2023) -- Eximis Surgical, Inc. today announced it has secured $8.7 million in financing led by Questa Capital, with participation from Olympus Corporation through Olympus Innovation Ventures. Eximis Surgical is in the process of developing a transformational surgical platform for the removal of large specimens through small laparoscopic incisions.

The Eximis Laparoscopic Specimen Removal System is designed to keep incisions small throughout the minimally invasive procedure with the intention of providing fast, fully contained specimen segmentation and removal. The technology is anticipated to fill a critical gap in minimally invasive surgery.

Eximis Surgical will use the new capital to fund U.S. regulatory activities of the Eximis Laparoscopic Specimen Removal System.

As part of the financing, Brian Butler, partner at Questa Capital, will join Eximis Surgical's Board of Directors that also includes Ted Lamson, co-founder, CTO and founding president and CEO of NeoTract; Scott Hutton, CEO of Biodesix (Nasdaq: BDSX); Ryan Drant, Founder and Managing Partner at Questa Capital; Scott Button, Partner at Venture Investor; and Eximis co-founder and CEO Donna Ford-Serbu.

"We are grateful for the ongoing support of Questa Capital as we progress toward regulatory clearance," said Ford-Serbu. "Participation from Olympus, a worldwide leader in minimally invasive surgical technologies, underscores that a clinical need persists for our novel technology. We look forward to partnering with them to move toward market entry."

"Our additional investment in Eximis reflects Questa's confidence in Donna and the Eximis team," said Drant. "Eximis' technology solution is designed to keep incisions small during large-specimen removal. We believe that it will fill a critical need to provide excellent outcomes in minimally invasive surgeries."

"Olympus is excited to support Eximis Surgical in the development of this promising new technology," said Nacho Abia, Chief Strategy Officer for Olympus Corporation. "Supporting physicians in elevating the standard of care for patients is a top priority for Olympus."

The Eximis Laparoscopic Specific Removal System is not yet available for sale in the U.S.

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